Stephen Fry in Happy Birthday to GNU (2008).
Stephen Fry in Happy Birthday to GNU (2008). Photo by Wikipedia
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Sonia Friedman Productions / AP
Mark Rylance, playing Olivia, left, and Stephen Fry, playing Malvolio, during a rehearsal in ‘Twelfth Night’ at a London theatre, Nov. 1, 2012. Photo by Sonia Friedman Productions / AP
Stephen Fry in Happy Birthday to GNU (2008). Photo by Wikipedia

British actor and comedian Stephen Fry urged on Wednesday that Russia should be banned from hosting the Winter Olympics due to its repressive policies against gays and lesbians, the Mirror reported.

In an open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, Fry compared the victimization of homosexuals in Putin’s Russia to the treatment of Jews in Nazi-era Germany.

“I am gay. I am a Jew,” Fry said in the letter, posted on his website. “My mother lost over a dozen of her family to Hitler’s anti-Semitism.”

“Every time in Russia (and it is constantly) a gay teenager is forced into suicide, a lesbian ‘correctively’ raped, gay men and women beaten to death by neo-Nazi thugs while the Russian police stand idly by, the world is diminished and I for one weep anew at seeing history repeat itself.”

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