John Demjanjuk - AP - 12.4.2011
Image released by the U.S. Department of Justice Feb. 21, 2002 showing annotations made by the Department of Justice on a section of a World War II-era SS identity card. Photo by AP
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Accused Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk has rejected a judge's offer to make a final statement at his war crimes trial as a German court nears a verdict in the 91-year-old's war crimes trial.

Asked by judges whether he wanted to say any final words Thursday, Demjanjuk - speaking through an interpreter - replied: No.

The judges also rejected defense requests to seek more evidence in the trial, which has lasted for nearly 18 months. The trial was to resume at 1030 GMT, when a verdict is expected.

The Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk is charged with 28,060 counts of accessory to murder - matching the number of people who died during the time span he was allegedly a guard at the Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Demjanjuk denies ever serving as a Nazi guard.