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A Yemini court has ordered a man accused of murdering a Jew to go for a medical check-up to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

At the start of the trial Monday, lawyers of Abdel Aziz Yehia Hamoud al-Abdi appealed that he was mentally unfit and asked for a medical examination.

Judge Abdel Bari Oqba adjourned the trial until a report about al-Abdi's mental health is made.

Al-Abdi was charged with killing Moshe Yaish Nahari, a teacher at the yeshiva in Raidah village December 11.

Nahari was one of the roughly 400 remaining Jews still living in Yemen, mostly in Raidah, a small town north of the capital San'a.

Yemen was once home to about 50,000 Jews in the early 1950s, but most emigrated to Israel.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen is apparently planning to relocate Yemen's Jews from the Amran district and the city of Raidah to the capital, Sana, where each Jewish family will receive a plot of land.

The rabbi of the Jewish community, Yehi Yaish, told the independent Yemenite Internet site, News Yemen, that in a meeting with him, the president instructed his security officials to monitor implementation of the Jews' relocation.