swastika - Sharon Dahan - January 11, 2007
A swastika spray-painted on a wall. Photo by Sharon Dahan
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Three swastikas were drawn on the walls of a building of the Zionist Jewish youth group Hashomer Hatzair in the Chilean capital of Santiago over the weekend. At the conclusion of a charity activity, about a hundred members of the group exited the building and discovered the graffiti.

The group has lodged a complaint with the Santiago police over the incident. The youth set out to repaint the wall in order to remove the offensive symbols as soon as possible, according to Dario Teitelbaum, Hashomer Hatzair organizer in Latin America.

Hashomer Hatzair leaders met over the weekend to discuss possible responses to the anti-Semitic incidents. In a conversation with the leadership of the Jewish Federation in Chile, Teitelbaum learned that there have been a string of anti-Semitic incidents in Chile of late.

Hashomer Hatzair is a Zionist Socialist youth group that has been active in Chile since the 1930s. Some graduates of the group have gone on to join various kibbutzim in Israel, including Ein Hahoresh, Maabarot, Dan, and Ramot Menashe.