Israeli Tourist Stabbed in Sinai by Libyan Worker; Cops Call Attack Criminal

An 41-year-old Israeli tourist was was stabbed and wounded by a Libyan worker at Sinai's Nuweiba resort early yesterday morning.

Local police said the attack was criminally, not politically, motivated. South Sinai Governor Mohammed Hani Matwali told the Associated Press that the tourist, a resident of Tel Aviv, was taken to Eilat's Yoseftal Hospital. The attacker escaped but dropped his passport in the hut.

"The man was sleeping in a beach hut with his wife, when he woke up to find another man wandering about the hut," Chief Superintendent Eitan Gadasi of the Eilat district police said. "There was a struggle, and the intruder drew a knife and slashed the Israeli. The Israeli ran out of the hut chasing him, until the Libyan jumped into the water and disappeared."

Yoseftal Hospital said yesterday the Israeli man was treated for face injuries and sent home.

Last week on Seder eve, the Israeli Counter Terrorism Bureau warned travelers going to Sinai that they had new information indicating terror attacks were planned targeting Israelis there.

Despite the warnings, about 5,000 Israelis, most of them Arabs, have crossed the border into Egypt every day since Thursday.