Israeli Soccer Club Sponsor Sectioned After Claiming to Free Shalit

Billionaire's family was concerned for his mental well-being, asked court to have him hospitalized.

Guma Aguiar, sponsor of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club, was hospitalized overnight Wednesday by court order after he claimed to have rescued captured Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit from captivity in Gaza.

The billionaire energy industrialist's wife and family, who had expressed concern for his mental well-being, moved to have him hospitalized in a psychiatric ward.

In an interview published in a Jerusalem newspaper, Aguiar claimed that he entered Gaza and freed Shalit.

"He is at one of my properties," the billionaire energy industrialist told the newspaper Kol Ha'ir. "I wanted to prove that I could enter Gaza and come out alive and that Shalit could come out alive as well," Aguiar continued.

He also said that he spoke with Shalit. "He said that he wants me to tell his family how much he loves them and Israel, and that he hopes this ends soon," Aguiar said.