Israeli Doctors in Romania Egg-trafficking Probe Return Home

Two doctors were arrested in raid at Bucharest clinic heavily patronized by Israeli women.

Two Israeli doctors accused of human egg trafficking in Romania returned home Thursday, after they were told that the court order preventing them from leaving the country would not be extended once it expired Thursday morning.

The two doctors - Nathan Levitt and Genya Ziskind - were told that the investigation into their alleged trafficking activities had been completed and they would not be indicted, but would have to return to Romania should the need arise.

Ziskind and Levitt were arrested in July during a raid by Romanian police on the Bucharest fertility clinic in which they were working, which was visited by dozens of Israeli women.

The owners and directors of the clinic were arrested during the raid, as well as the two Israelis. Ziskind and Levitt told investigators that they had no involvement in the running of the clinic, but rather were there to provide treatment for Israeli women who could not receive the same care at home.

A source close to the families said Wednesday that the two doctors were expected would be greeted upon their return by family, colleagues and patients.