Israeli Arab Woman Gets Three Years in Jail for Hezbollah Ties

Manar Jabarin was in contact with Hezbollah agent from 2003-2007, helped smuggle disk-on-key into Israel.

An Israeli Arab woman convicted of having ties to Hezbollah was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison and a two-year suspended term.

24-year-old Manar Jabarin, a resident of Umm al-Fahm, came in contact with a Hezbollah agent while studying dentistry in Jordan. Jabarin, currently in her fourth year of studying law, was convicted of having contact with a foreign agent and providing services to an unauthorized organization.

According to the indictment filed in Haifa District Court, Jabarin met a young woman named Jada Abdul-Quds Mustafa while studying at Amman University in the Jordanian capital. Mustafa, who was a Hezbollah recruitment agent, tried to convince Jabarin and another Israeli to assist in carrying out suicide bombings in Israel.

In August 2003, Mustafa proposed that the defendant join Hezbollah, but Jabarin refused. At a later date, Mustafa asked Jabarin to hold a disk-on-key for her in Israel, which was to be picked up by individuals with Hezbollah ties. Jabarin consented, and took the disk-on-key to her home in Israel. Several months later, she left Jordan and returned to Israel for good.

In July 2004, Jabarin visited Jordan again at Mustafa's invitation, at which point Mustafa again tried to recruit Jabarin to Hezbollah. Jabarin took an interest in the process of joining the organization, and did not refuse the offer. In September of that year she traveled again to Jordan, in order to seek more details about the exact process of recruitment to Hezbollah.

The two remained in telephone contact from 2005-2007. Jabarin, however, did not join Hezbollah, nor did she give anyone the disk-on-key, which remained in her possession.