Israeli Ambassador: Israel Should Adopt U.S. Electoral System

In speech to New York Synagogue, Ayalon says Israel should give more power to PM, executive branch.

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Daniel Ayalon criticized Israel's electoral system Saturday, and said the country should adopt the American system.

Speaking Saturday to congregants at the New York Synagogue in Manhattan, Ayalon said that Israel's electoral system is in need of fundamental changes. He said that the time has come for Israel to emulate the American method.

Ayalon said that the American system was superior because it promises the self-sufficiency of the executive branch and frees it from being held hostage by political parties.

He added that Israel should give the prime minister the same responsibility as is given to the American president, to allow the prime minister the freedom to assemble the cabinet without depending on the parties.

The New York Synagogue is considered one of the city's leading Orthodox institutions.