Israel's UN Ambassador: Goldstone Report Was Born of Hate, Executed in Sin

Gabriela Shalev speaks at UN General Assembly debate on report that accused Israel of war crimes.

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Gabriela Shalev, spoke at the opening of a UN General Assembly debate on a report accusing Israel of having committed war crimes in Gaza, saying that the report was "conceived in hate and executed in sin."

The report, dubbed the Goldstone report, was compiled by South African jurist Richard Goldstone and his fact-finding mission which reviewed the conduct of Israel and Hamas during Israel's offensive in Gaza last winter.

Shalev, one of the first speakers at the UN debate, began her address by offering her and Israel's condolences for the victims of the terror attacks recently carried out in Baghdad and in Pakistan.

She went on to exert her belief that the debate held Wednesday wasn't "real" or straightforward, because "rather than confronting terrorism, the General Assembly chose again to detach itself from reality," she said, alleging that the body was launching "yet another campaign against the victims of terrorism, the people of Israel."

Shalev criticized Goldstone's mission, saying that "from its inception in a one-sided mandate, the [Goldstone] Gaza fact-finding mission was a politicized body with predetermined conclusions."

The report is a product of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, she argued, calling it an organization obsessed with Israel which has produced more condemnations of Israel than all the other UN member states combined.

Shalev mentioned the ongoing rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and argued that the basic human rights of nearly one million Israelis pelted with rockets for nearly a decade does not concern the Human Rights Council.

Later, the Israeli ambassador criticized the very debate of the issue at the General Assembly in New York. She condemned the "cynical political maneuvers" that prompted the Human Rights Council to transmit its report to New York.

Israel is committed to abiding by international law, Shalev declared, adding that the protocols of waging armed warfare are part of every Israeli soldier's training. Shalev also reiterated that Israel was committed to investigating any claim of wrongdoing by its army.

Shalev concluded her address by saying that the Goldstone report, and the UN debate, won't advance peace, but rather hinder efforts to resume peace talks because the report denies Israel's right to self defense.