Israel Radio Broadcasters Stop Holding Interviews

Israel Radio's Reshet Bet station broadcasters will not hold interviews, starting Thursday, in the stations news summaries and current affairs shows. The newscasters decided to air only new reports and conversations with Israel Radio reporters and commentators due to what the Association of the Israel Journalists in Jerusalem described as "recurring attempts by the radio's director-general [Amnon Nadav] to persecute editors and broadcasters."

The decision to stop interviewing was made following a letter of reprimand sent by Nadav on Wednesday to broadcaster Karmit Guy and news editor Nicola Rosenbaum. Nadav said that the two violated the law banning electioneering before elections, in an interview held the previous day with Labor MK Dalia Itzik.

The Association of Journalists said that Nadav authorized the interview before it was held, and that Guy followed the instructions avoiding electioneering during the interview.

The Chairman of the Association of Jounralists, Yaron Enosh, said in a letter sent Wednesday to the Israel Broadcasting Authority director general Yosef Barel, that Nadav was trying to portray the radio employees as politically one-sided for Nadav's own goals.

Nadav is competing for a tender for the role of radio director-general - a position he has held for the past 14 years, and in the last year without a tender - which is supposed to be decided upon in the upcoming weeks.

Nadav's office responded by saying that Guy and Rosenbaum were reprimanded because of explicit electioneering conducted during the interview with Itzik.