Who Is the ex-IDF Officer Suspected of Forging Galant Document?

Boaz Harpaz has been marked by police as the main suspect in an alleged plot to forge a document meant to affect the upcoming choice of a news IDF chief.

Lt. Col. (res.) Boaz Harpaz, who has recently been named as the prime suspect in the Galant document affair, served on the general staff of Israel Defense Force's Military Intelligence Directorate, leaving the army about nine years ago amid controversy, as he was accused by some of mishandling secured information.

Yoav Galant
Tomer Appelbaum

At the time, Harpaz considered the accusations to be a part of a personal smear campaign against him, saying that then head of military intelligence Major General Aharon Zeevi was singling out for personal reasons.

Harpaz, who wished to retain his security clearance after his release from the IDF, led a legal battle against the Shin Bet on the matter.

Since his release Harpaz has worked as a businessman and security advisor, as the president of the Pickel Security company, until he left the firm following a row with firm's other partners, ex-Mossad man Ami Yaar and Gabriel Yabetz.

Harpez then founded his own security counseling firm, PICSEC, which has operated in Italy, among other locations, and which has also dealt with port security.

On Friday, Israel Radio reported that Israel Police had issued a warrant for Harpaz's arrest for a suspect in the Galant document forgery case.

The Galant document purports to outline a PR campaign for Major-General Yoav Galant in his efforts to become the next Israel Defense Forces chief of staff.

Harpaz, who has denied the claims to Israeli media, is currently is currently abroad, but is expected to be detained for questioning upon his return to Israel

According to Israel Radio, investigators will try to determine whether Harpaz acted independently or was instructed to forge the document.

The existence of the document was first exposed by Channel 2 television's news program two weeks ago. Galant denies any connection to the document, as does PR guru Eyal Arad, whose company logo is said to appear on the document.