WATCH: IDF Video of Soldiers Finding Weapons in a Gaza Tunnel

Footage released from the IDF shows an infantry unit discovering a cache of weapons hidden inside a tunnel; destroying the tunnels used by Hamas is one of Israel's stated objectives in the current operation.

Over the past 24 hours, as of Wednesday night, 81 rockets were fired into Israeli territory, 12 of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome system. Israel attacked 100 targets in the Gaza Strip.

Secondary explosions in Gaza's al-Wafa Hospital after it was bombed from the air "indicated clearly that large amounts of munitions were stored there," the IDF said on Wednesday. There was also an observation post in the hospital and multiple tunnel openings in the compound.

A Palestinian militant wearing an IDF uniform was captured on Wednesday somewhere in the Gaza Strip, the army reported. An additional 150 people suspected of anti-Israeli activity were detained and transferred for interrogation.

Twelve militants were identified in an ambulance that arrived at a building in the south of the strip. Both the building and the area surrounding it were targeted by Israeli aircraft and direct hits were confirmed. (Gili Cohen)