WATCH: ISIS Threatens Baghdad

NBC news reports U.S. officials fear ISIS 'will terrorize Baghdad by launching a wave of suicide bombings' and seize control, or destroy, the Haditha Dam.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell, reporting on ISIS, says that the radical Sunni organization operates "more like an army than rag-tag insurgents."

On ISIS' fundraising efforts, she says they "look more like a corporation than a terror group" and cites the group's "highly-produced" fundraising brochures, which are aimed at potential Gulf state donors.

NBC's Robert Windrem and Richard Engel report on the threat ISIS poses to the Haditha Dam, 140 miles upstream from Baghdad. Both a major power and water source for Baghdad, the dam - which the organization is near - could give ISIS a key bargaining chip to extort demands from the Iraqi government. Worse, ISIS could destroy the dam, crippling Baghdad's power and causing flooding downstream.