Video Shows Palestinian Youth Attacking ultra-Orthodox Jews With Snowballs in Jerusalem

The video, which has nearly 30,000 views on YouTube, shows the Palestinian teenagers pelting them with snowballs from very close range.

A YouTube video uploaded on Saturday depicts a group of Palestinian teenagers attacking two ultra-Orthodox young men dressed in traditional garb with snowballs by Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

The video, which has nearly 30,000 views, shows the Palestinian teenagers pelting the men with snowballs from very close range while screaming "Allah hu Akbar ("God is great") in a clear attempt to harass and humiliate the two passersby. However, from the video it doesn't appear that anyone was injured or that the incident snowballed into anything violent.

In a report Sunday in Ma'ariv, one of the men described it as an ambush and said there was hate in the Palestinian assailants' eyes. The man also reported that he was tackled to the ground and punched and kicked in the face and back.

Some comments and statues on the web said the incident reminded them of pre-WWII Eastern Europe. "My grandmother used to tell me how the Poles used to harass Jews like this. The thing is, this is Jerusalem 2013." Others asked why the two didn't try and fight back.

"Here is a very concise explanation for why the 1903 and 1905 pogroms of Kishiniev were so historically significant. There is a mochlocket [dispute] about how much and whether at all the Jews in Kishiniev in 1903 and 1905 fought back or watched passively as their kin were slaughtered, but we have the video that decisively shows us what happened in Jerusalem in January, 2013."