Users Flood Facebook Page of Barak's New Atzmaut Party With Criticism

The breakaway faction of the Labor party, Atzmaut, was quick to create a presence on the web, but it was just as quickly attacked by angry users.

The web presence of Ehud Barak's new political party Atzmaut went online as soon as the party's existence was announced to the press on Monday, but the party's Facebook page was desended upon by angry users almost immediately.

Barak announced on Monday his departure from his long-time home in the Labor party, a controversial move which angered many on the Left. He was joined in his move by an additional four former Labor MKs.

atzmaut - Oded Yaron - January 18 2011
Oded Yaron

It soon became obvious that his resignation and formation of a new party was well planned, as a public relations campaign, complete with the new Facebook page, was rolled out almost immediately after the announcement.

Critics launched a new page of their own, mocking the creation of the party.

So far, a few hundred people have clicked on the "like" button of the party's actual Facebook page, but many of them likely wanted to enter the site in order to have a good laugh at Atzmaut. The mock page got more "like"s than the original.

The first post to the Facebook page has already received several dozen responses, most of which have been insults hurled at the party and its public relations campaign.