U.S. Jew Who Shot Eilat Hotel Employee Killed Himself, Police Probe Finds

Investigation finds William Herskowitz, who opened fire and shot dead Armando Abed in early October, was not shot by a member of the counter-terrorism unit as previously reported.

The American man who killed an Eilat hotel employee while staying in Israel on an internship program committed suicide, according to an investigation by Israeli police, and was not shot dead.

William Herskowitz, 23, shot himself after locking himself in the hotel kitchen, an investigation by the Southern District Israel Police has found, Israeli media reports said.

It was reported at the time of the incident in early October that Herskowitz was shot by a member of the police counterterrorism unit.

He reportedly used the firearm of a hotel security guard to kill 33-year-old Armando Abed in the dining room of the Leonardo Club Hotel in Eilat, a resort city in southern Israel.

Herskowitz had been enrolled in Oranim’s Eilat Hotel Experience, an internship program for American Jews interested in the hospitality industry. He had worked in several positions at the hotel and took a course in hotel management. Oranim is a tour provider that offers long- and short-term Israel programs to young adults.

According to Oranim, Herskowitz had lost his job a day earlier for lack of discipline.