Two Yeshiva Students Charged With Threatening Arab MK Tibi

Tibi received letter saying that he had been cursed and voice message on his cell phone telling him that his 'days are numbered.'

Jerusalem police arrested two 18-year-old yeshiva students Monday morning as part of an investigation into threats made on the life of Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi. The two have admitted making threatening calls to Tibi.

Police launched the investigation after the United Arab List lawmaker received a threatening letter claiming he had only "180 days to live". According to the suspects, they called the MK on his personal telephone numerous times.

Police will ask the court for a conditional release for the two suspects, whose terms will include a court order to keep away from Tibi. Police say the investigation is still underway, as they have more suspects to question.

The death threats were produced by a group calling itself "Pulsa Denura," a reference to a mystical Jewish ceremony in which a person is cursed. The group was responsible for the June 8 letter sent to Tibi, which made an explicit threat on his life.

"Because of your poisonous stance against Israel and Zionism, the group's leadership has issued a pulsa denura against you," the letter read. "You have just 180 days to live. Your death will be sudden and cruel, with great suffering…It is time to prepare your will. Your friends in the terrorist organizations will be happy to care for you in the final days of your life."

On June 7, Tibi also received a threatening voice mail in Hebrew on his cell phone. The message included a great deal of cursing and the following comments: "Your days are numbered, you filthy Arab. I promise you that your days are numbered. You and all Arabs should die… If a beloved prime minister can be murdered here, what would it be to murder you?"

Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi
Olivier Pitussi