Two Planes Nearly Collide at Ben-Gurion International Airport

Air Berlin plane deviated from its flight path into the runway of an El Al plane about to land, though air traffic controller prevented the possible disaster.

An Air Berlin plane nearly collided on Thursday into an El Al plane at Ben-Gurion International Airport.

The collision between the two planes was avoided due to the air traffic controller's alertness on the matter, who was able to identify the coming disaster and successfully prevent it.

The Air Berlin plane departed for Cologne, Germany on Thursday from the one runway in Ben-Gurion Airport that is used for both take-off and landing. At the time of the German plane's departure, a plane from Israel's flag carrier El Al was preparing for landing. Due to the German pilot's mistake, he deviated from his flight path during take-off, turning south toward the El Al plane which was in the air at 4,000 feet, preparing for landing.

El Al plane
Nir Keidar

The air traffic controller identified the looming danger and directed the two planes to separate immediately. The German plane reverted to its original flight path and the El Al pilot managed to land successfully without altercations.

On Saturday, two El Al planes collided on the ground at Ben-Gurion International Airport. There were no injuries in the incident but both planes sustained damage.