Tropical Weather System Puts a Damper on Israel's Bout of Sunshine

Light rainfall reported throughout the country, with temperatures higher than usual for the season; warm and cloudy weather to last till mid-week.

Tropical weather has seized Israel in the last few days and may bring rain showers over the upcoming Sukkot holiday. Light rain drizzled down in various spots across the country on Saturday, from the Negev to Golan Heights, a trend that is expected to continue through tomorrow and peak during the holiday on Monday.

According to a meteorologist with Meteotech, Israel is experiencing a weather system with tropical characteristics – a combination of high temperatures and developed, medium-altitude clouds, which are causing the precipitation.

Saturday started off with light rainfall in the south and made its way up to the Galilee and Golan Heights – where some even reported thunderstorms. These are nonetheless very light quantities of rain which mostly could not be measured.

Sunday is expected to be partly clouded, with medium-altitude and high-altitude clouds and a possibility of localized showers in most of the country. In Israel's south and east, flash flooding is feared.

However, Sunday is still expected to be warmer than usual for the season, with temperatures expected to further rise on Monday, which is also expected to see rain fall and possible flooding.

The tropical weather system is due to fade away by Tuesday, with Wednesday expected to see a substantial temperature drop.