From Barbecues to Museums – Where to Take the Kids on Israel Independence Day

Barbecue, special places of historical value, Zionistic reenactments or hikes all over the country: Haaretz narrows down some of the best activities and events available Israel Independence Day 2012.

You can barbecue, take the family to special places of historical value, teach the children about Zionism or hike all over the country. Haaretz compiled some activities and events especially for the upcoming Independence Day.

Kite flying in Shdemot Devora

Tomer Appelbaum

Derech Ha'etz Park in Shdemot Devora invites families to celebrate Independence Day in a special kite flying happening. The activities include a kite-flying aerial show with a variety of sizes and colors, a kite building workshop and a kite decoration workshop. The event will also include screenings of ecological movies, a giant maze, a drumming workshop and more.

A musical tour on top of Jerusalem's walls

On Independence Day, Migdal David Museum will host a special show and sing-along for the whole family with the ensemble "Bubi Zemer". Arbel Fishler and Miron Ager wil be laying a number of instruments, and the audience will play the part of the singers.

Marzipan barbecue

The Marzipan Museum in Kefar Tavor invites families to a festive visit for Independence Day. The visit includes a marzipan sculptures exhibition made up of new pieces from the Purim exhibition, biblical figures, children's fairy tails, political figures and more; an instructional video on marzipan manufacturing, and an inside view of the factory "Shaked Tavor."

How to build a state?

What did the Israeli pioneers wear? What jobs did they have? how do you build a state? The Old Courtyard Museum in Kibbutz Ein Shemer offers a reenactment of first days of the kibbutz settlements in Israel. A special activity is planned on Wednesday - a guided tour in the kibbutz's dining room followed by working at old kibbutz jobs: construction, paving, laundry, security, baking and more.

Sweet Independence

Dvorat Hatavor visitor center in Shadmot Devora invites the whole family for a tour in the bee observatory, a visit to the honey institute, watching silkworms hatch, chocolate making and more. Picnic tables and honey syrup will be offered to the visitors, free of charge.

A (small) History of Israel

Mini-Israel theme park celebrates Independence Day with a family happening. The park offers creative workshops and activities inspired by the founding of the state. Children will have the opportunity to learn about the Palmach and train in a mock resistance camp with actors as trainers. Other activities include learning basic English, methods to avoid the British secret police and employing secret codes as the sole means of communication between the resistance members.