Top Member of Israeli Crime Family Ordered Murders of 2 Defectors, Police Says

Top police official says struggle between crime organizations puts citizens' lives at risk, could be called 'criminal terror.'

A high-ranking Israeli crime lord ordered the killing of two crime-family defectors, information released by the Tel Aviv District Court revealed on Sunday, along with details of the killings, which took place in public and endangered civilians.

Motti Hasin, a high ranking criminal within the Abergil crime family was arrested three weeks ago for ordering the killings of two other criminals, Itzik Gefen and Avi David, which took place last October. Three other suspects were arrested along with Hasin, and will be indicted tomorrow.

Motti Hasin
Moti Kimche

A high ranking member of the Abergil crime family, Hasin took control of the family after Yitchak Abergil was sent to prison. Due to conflicts with other criminal elements and attempts on his life, Hasin fled to the United States.

Hasin returned to Israel recently, in an attempt to fill the leadership void in the Israeli underworld, the result of many high ranking crime lords being sent to jail. In order to fill that void Hassin ordered the killings of known defectors from the family, in order to cement his footing as the new leader of the Abergil organization.

The information released on Sunday included a detailed account of the killings that took place in October 2011, both perpetrated by a gunman on a motorcycle. In both cases the gunman shot and killed the target before speeding from the scene.

David was killed at a Bat Yam restaurant while eating with Hasin, the next day Gefen was shot at a gas station while talking to Shlomi Niamchik, another suspect in the case and known associate of Hasin.

Tel Aviv police investigators determined that in both cases, Hasin and Niamchik had the perfect alibis, as their presence at the murders makes them targets as well. In spite of this theory, investigators believed that Hasin was responsible for the murders.

Tel Aviv police commander Gadi Ashad responded to the arrests: “Dealing with these killings brings about a difficult challenge for police, and chances of solving these cases are slim. When we manage to get to such high levels within criminal organizations, we consider it a significant achievement. There is no doubt that had we not made these arrests, the list of victims would have grown.”

Ashad continued, “The struggles between crime organizations become very significant to the public when they cross lines like these, when people storm into a restaurant during the day and open fire, or begin to shoot at gas stations, the public is in danger. There is no name to call it, other than criminal terror.”

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