The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, April 4

From Shin Bet documents showing a Palestinian was tortured during interrogation, to a discovery by Tel Aviv researchers of a food supplement that helps fight Parkinson's disease, Haaretz brings the top 8 headlines you might have missed.

A Palestinian prisoner who suffered serious physical and psychological injury following alleged Shin Bet torture 18 months ago has filed a High Court petition claiming illegal interrogation methods were used against him.

Also Thursday, militants in the Gaza Strip fired several projectiles toward srael, defying the Israel Defense Forces' warning that it would not tolerate renewed attacks on the country's south. Meanwhile, two Palestinian youths were killed by IDF fire after throwing firebombs at troops at the Einav checkpoint, in the West Bank.

For decades, Israel's Chief Rabbinate has been run by the ultra-Orthodox. Now, Habayit Hayehudi has a chance to install a chief rabbi, perhaps even two, who are identified as being Zionist and supportive of the Jewish state. While most people are indifferent to the race to succeed Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar (pictured), they know the rabbinate impacts them personally, influencing marriage, divorce, conversions and the price we pay for products stamped as kosher. Yair Ettinger explores the Byzantine politics influencing the upcoming election.

In other areas of Jewish news, Kaddish can be added to the list of prayers and ritual objects that women are not allowed to engage in at the Western Wall, according to the commander of the Jerusalem police. In a letter to Women of the Wall chair Anat Hoffman, an Israeli police commander warned that arrests could be expected by anyone breaching the prohibition.

Over to Mideast peace, 100 prominent American Jews have sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to “work closely” with Kerry “to devise pragmatic initiatives, consistent with Israel’s security needs, which would represent Israel’s readiness to make painful territorial sacrifices for the sake of peace.” Their letter was sent in the wake of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel and on the eve of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s return.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to suspend all unilateral measures vis-à-vis the United Nations agencies to give John Kerry time to jump-start a new round of Israeli-Palestinian talks, according to one high-level official on each side.

North Korea warned Thursday that its military has been cleared to attack the U.S. using "smaller, lighter and diversified" nuclear weapons, while the U.S. said it would strengthen regional protection by deploying a missile defense system to Guam.

Scientists from Tel Aviv University have discovered that a nutritional supplement commonly sold in health food stores and pharmacies, produced from beef, oysters or soy, has been found to delay the advance of degenerative brain disorders, including Parkinson's disease.