Tel Aviv City Inspectors Inform Tent Dwellers of Impending Eviction

The inspectors offered those who have no other housing options social assistance and aid with moving their possessions to another location.

Tel Aviv city inspectors told the residents of the social protest tent encampments that are still standing that they must evacuate the premises Sunday afternoon. The inspectors offered the tent dwellers who do not have another home to go back to the social assistance by the municipality and aid with transference their belongings to another location.

The city council committed to the High Court of Appeal that it would not evacuate the encampments until after the High Holidays, at the request of camp representatives. The protest leaders withdrew their appeal when they realized that it would likely be defeated, and asked for time in order be able to organize an evacuation on their own.

tent camp - Moti Milrod - October 2 2011
Moti Milrod

Most of the people still living in the Rothschild encampment, and in tents scattered around the rest of Tel Aviv, do not have homes to return to. Some say they will resist eviction using force, while others said on Saturday they would return the day after the eviction, which municipal sources say could take place Monday morning.

A small group accepted the city's offer to move their tents to the small park across from the Arlosoroff railway station. One resident of the tent encampments, Shimon Vanunu, said that he will not leave the camp under any circumstances. “Here I’m stuck in their faces. At Arlosoroff, they can just ignore me,” he explained.

Representatives of the Tel Aviv camps and a number of other camps around the country held a press conference Saturday at the northern end of Rothschild Boulevard. They called upon the authorities not to evict the camps and instead to find alternative solutions for those without other housing options.

Charley Bitton, one of the leaders of the Israeli Black Panthers, came out to support the tent dwellers. “When the Tel Aviv municipality evicts this camp it will be a catastrophe, a war that I can’t even stomach to think about,” he said.