Supreme Court Rebukes Shin Bet for 'Isolating' Alleged Jewish Terrorists

Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy slams Shin Bet for failing to bring Chaim Pearlman and David Sitbon to court hearings.

Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy on Wednesday rebuked the State Prosecutor's Office and the Shin Bet for failing to bring alleged "Jewish terrorist" Chaim Pearlman and his alleged associate, David Sitbon, to court hearings regarding their cases.

At left, Chaim Pearlman speaking to Channel 2 News yesterday. At right, the suspect’s attorney Adi K
Olivier Fitoussi

"It cannot be that the suspects remain isolated from the outside world and cannot know about their rights," said Levy at a hearing over the suspects' appeal against the state's refusal to allow them meetings with attorneys. "I have never seen such behavior in my life."

Pearlman's lawyer, attorney Sharon Nahari, welcomed Levy's remarks. "I am pleased that the court has finally instructed the Shin Bet and police to bring the detainees to deliberations, and that it is not allowing the Shin Bet to make law for itself."

Sitbon, a Jerusalem resident, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion he broke into army bases and private residences in Jerusalem in order to steal weapons. The Shin Bet has prevented Sitbon from meeting with his attorney Adi Keidar since his arrest.

Associates of Pearlman's accused the Shin Bet of trying to make it appear as if there are new developments in the case.

Pearlman, a right-wing Israeli extremist, was arrested last week over a string of stabbing attacks and is suspected of murdering four Palestinians and attempting to murder another seven.

Pearlman, a resident of Givat Washington near Yavneh, is a well known figure on the far right. At the end of the 1990s he studied at a yeshiva identified with Rabbi Meir Kahane's doctrines, and he was a member of the outlawed extremist group Kach.