State Prosecution: Olmert Libel Suit Against Lador Is PR Stunt

Olmert brought lawsuit against State Prosecutor for a Haaretz interview in which Moshe Lador claimed the former PM had never repaid a $75,000 personal loan.

The State Prosecution hit back Thursday over a lawsuit brought by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert against State Prosecutor Moshe Lador for comments he made in an interview to Haaretz, branding the legal complaint a PR stunt.

Olmert filed the libel suit against Lador after the interview, in which the state prosecutor mentioned a "scandalous" personal loan taken out by the former prime minister 18 years ago.

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert

The State Prosecution said Thursday the lawsuit was pointless and had been served “for public relations purposes.”

The suit, it said, “illustrates yet again an attempt to intimidate anyone involved in Mr. Olmert’s affairs – via complaints to law offices, via complaints to the attorney general, tongue-lashings directed at the state comptroller and now also a civil suit.”

Lador earlier this week rejected Olmert's demands for an apology over his statements regarding a $75,000 received from his American businessman friend Joe Elmaliach.

Lador also stood by his statement made to Haaretz correspondent Gidi Weitz that the loan was never repaid, rejecting Olmert's claims to the contrary.