Spanish Activists to Sue Israel Over Deadly Raid on Gaza Flotilla

83-page document accuses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his forum of top six cabinet ministers and the Israel Navy for crimes against humanity during May 31 interception of Mavi Marmara.

Three Spanish activists who were aboard a humanitarian aid convoy raided en route to the Gaza Strip will file a law suit against Israel on Friday for alleged crimes against humanity.

The 83-page document takes aim at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his forum of top six cabinet ministers and the Israel Navy, whose commandos stormed the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara on May 31 and killed nine activists.

The three Spanish activists told the Republica newspaper that Israel had arrested them illegally and deported them by force, after subjecting them to hardships during the raid.

Thousands attended the funeral on Thursday June 3, 2010 in Istanbul for the activists killed in the IDF raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.AFP

At least nine lawsuits will likely be filed against Israel from within nine European countries over the raid, which yielded significant international outcry and forced Israel to rethink its blockade on the Gaza Strip.
Former president of the International Criminal Court, Canadian Philippe Kirsch, will head the committee investigating the events of the raid on behalf of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The Israel Defense Forces earlier this month released the findings of its own probe, which concluded that it was carried out with poor intelligence and coordination, but ultimately defended the Israel Navy's decision for a commando operation to intercept the ships.

Turkey has demanded that Israel apologize for the raid and compensate the families of the nine victims - a request that Jerusalem has denied.