South Tel Aviv Residents March to Demand Deportation of Foreigners

Neighborhood group protests the presence of foreign infiltrators, calling upon the government to expel them immediately.

About 150 residents of South Tel Aviv marched through an area of the city frequented by foreigners, demanding that the government take immediate action to deport all persons that are in the country illegally.

The demonstrators held a procession through Neve Sha'anan pedestrian walkway and Levinsky public park near Tel Aviv central bus station, where many refugees and other migrants of African and Asian origin socialize.

Police officers were present to ensure that tensions between the groups did not flare up into violent confrontations. A number of shouting matches ensued, but did not escalate, and no injuries were reported.

Tel Aviv protest against foreign migrants Dec. 21, 2010 (Ofer Vaknin)
Ofer Vaknin