Shas Leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Released From Hospital After Treated for Suspected Stroke

92-year-old rabbi was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after feeling weak during Sabbath prayers.

The 92-year-old Israeli rabbi who serves as the spiritual head of the powerful ultra-Orthodox Shas party was released from hospital on Sunday after treatment for a suspected minor stroke.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who has largely set the terms under which his Shas party has agreed to join a succession of governments, was taken to Jerusalem's Hadassah University Hospital by ambulance on Saturday after feeling weak during Sabbath prayers.

A hospital spokesman said Yosef was in stable condition. He was released and ordered to rest at home.

Shas draws support from the fast-growing community of religious Jews of Middle Eastern origin. The party is a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition and is expected to remain a partner after a Jan. 22 election he is forecast to win.

The Iraqi-born Yosef, a former chief rabbi of Israel, made headlines last summer when he called for prayers for Iran's destruction at time when speculation was high that Israel might attack Iran's nuclear facilities.