Settler Rabbi: Time Has Come to Apologize for Rabin Assassination

In memorial evening in West Bank, Tekoa's Menachem Froman says: We vow not to repeat the dance of hatred.

In an unusual public statement, Rabbi Menachem Froman, the rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Tekoa, said on Wednesday that the time has come to apologize for the murder of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Rabin was assassinated in Tel Aviv on November 4, 1995 during a rally in support of the peace process, by right-wing extremist Yigal Amir.

Rabbi Froman was taking part in a memorial evening for the slain former prime minister in Gush Etzion. Saying a Kadish (Jewish mourning prayer), the rabbi declared: "The time has come to repent and apologize."

"We did not know. We did not know what forces for destruction were within us. We vow not to repeat the dance of hatred," Froman added.

The memorial evening included the performance of a play - "The Two Shall Walk Together," about the relationship between David Ben-Gurion and Ze'ev Jabotinsky – directed by Oded Kotler. Kotler, one of the signatories of an artists' boycott on performing in the West Bank, was not present at the event.

With Wednesday evening's performance, he broke the boycott. Kotler refused to comment on the event.