Rightist Facebook Page Calls Activist Daphni Leef 'Murderer'

Group often posts photos of leftist activists under the heading 'Know the traitor.'

Social-protest activist Daphni Leef has been branded a "murderer" by a right-wing Facebook page, with some user comments calling to harm her and other protesters.

Administrators of the Hebrew page "The extreme left is a danger to Israel" on Saturday uploaded a picture of Leef with the caption "murderer" in red, under which is written, "The blood of Moshe Silman is on Daphni Leef's head.

"Leef incited people to demonstrate in the same way as Mohammed Bouazizi's self-immolation opposite the parliament building in Tunis ... Silman was influenced by incitement from a leftist cult," read the message, which received dozens of "likes," shares and supportive reactions.

Leef is not the only target of the webpage's anonymous operators. Photos of leftist activists are often posted under the heading "Know the traitor." Silman was also defamed in a long message.

The Facebook page has been active for over a month and garnered over 1,200 "likes."

Leef wrote in her Facebook page on Saturday: "Strong incitement against me on the web. Thinking what to do. The truth is, I'm a little scared."

Leef told Haaretz she intends to file a complaint with the police. "I'm simply shocked by the amount of poison," she said.