Returning Israelis: Egypt Protests Are Not as Bad as They Seem

El Al flights land in Ben-Gurion Airport with 400 Israeli citizens on board, a week into the anti-government protests that have been sweeping Israel's neighbor to the south.

Two chartered flights out of Egypt carrying over 400 Israeli citizens landed in Ben-Gurion International Airport on Monday, Channel 10 reported, with returning Israelis claiming that the week-long anti-governmental protests that have been sweeping Egypt were not as bad as they seemed.

An El Al Boeing 757.Moti Milrod

Protesters have been rocking Egypt, a key U.S. ally in the Arab world, complaining about surging prices and the gap between rich and poor, calling for a new political system.

Speaking to Channel 10 on Sunday, one of the passengers on the returning El Al flight said that the Cairo demonstrations did not look as bad on the ground as they did on television.

"We sat near Tahrir Square, people were walking around quietly, getting up occasionally and then coming back" the man said.

The Foreign Minister reiterated its Egypt travel warning on Sunday, advising those Israeli citizens who were still in the country to consider ending their trip.

In a statement, the FM advisory also related to those Israelis who decided to stay despite recent unrest, urging them to follow the instructions of local authorities and adhere to curfew hours.

On Saturday, a special Sun Dor flight departed for Egypt in order to carry about 30 family members of Israeli diplomats working in the country, along with another 40 Israeli tourists who requested immediate emergency assistance.