Renewed Clashes Break Out in Eastern Jerusalem-area Village

Palestinians and police exchange projectiles and accusations of whose contingent initiated the violent incidents in Silwan on Friday night.

Violent conflict broke out between Israel Police and Border Police and Palestinian residents of the village of Silwan, in the eastern area of greater Jerusalem on Friday night.

According to Palestinian sources, the incidents occurred when a number of Border Police officers guarding a Jewish house left their post, allegedly due to the rain which began to fall, and tried to enter one of the Arab houses in the village.

Silwan Oct. 12, 2010 (Reuters)
Reuters / Ammar Awad

In response, riots broke out and lasted several hours over the course of the night. Police forces used tear gas against the rioters.

Jerusalem Police reported that dozens of people wearing masks attacked police officers at their post with stones, and backup arrived to disperse the demonstrators with appropriate means. Three Border Police officers were lightly wounded in the clashes, and nine people were arrested.