Remains of Teen Firefighter Killed in Blaze Identified

The 16-year-old, who worked for a special volunteer unit, was killed on Thursday while trying to extinguish the wildfire.

The remains of the 16-year-old volunteer firefighter who was killed in the Carmel forest blaze were identified on Saturday morning.

Elad Riven, from Haifa, was killed on Thursday while helping firefighting forces battle the wildfire which began that same day.

Riven's classmates at the Haifa high school where he studied described him as a student who was loved by all. He volunteered for a scout group made of students who worked to aid the country's firefighting service.

Riven was in the northern city of Afula when his mother received a phone call to alert Riven of the wildfire. He left Afula and arrived on the scene to assist the firefighters who were working to evacuate residents of the area.

Carmel fire, bus - Yaron Kaminsky - Dec. 2, 2010
Yaron Kaminsky

"Elad's bravery and values led him to go out and save lives, at the risk of his own life," a teacher from Riven's high school said.

Most of the 42 victims whose lives have been claimed in the devastating wildfire perished on Thursday when a bus brought in to evacuate people got caught in the flames. The bus was carrying members of a Prison Service guards' course who were heading to the Damon jail in order to help evacuate inmates.

On Friday, the remains of a police commander who was killed while on his way to rescue residents were identified. Lior Boker, age 57, was head of police operations for Israel's northern region.

Police had gathered a search party for Boker, who was thought to be missing, on Thursday. He apparently was caught in the fire while trying to identify the location of the bus of prison service guard students.