Reform Jews: Add Our Synagogues to Religions Ministry Website

Court rules Religious Services Ministry's refusal to list non-Orthodox synagogues 'discriminatory'.

The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism on Monday demanded that the Religious Services Ministry add the names of Reform synagogues to its official website, Israel Radio reported.

Yaakov Margi- Tomer Appelbaum- 09/08/2010
Tomer Appelbaum

In a letter to Religious Services Minister Yaakov Margi, the movement wrote that the refusal to list the synagogues would be a violation of a court order and that failure do so would be considered unlawful discrimination.

Conflicts between Reform and Orthodox Jews are common in Israel, where both the Religious Services Ministry and the Chief Rabbinate are traditionally controlled by members of the Orthodox community.

In July 2010 a bill submitted by the Knesset Law and Justice Committee spurred a wave of criticism for its proposal that would for the first time make the rabbinate the sole power able to supervise and authorize the conversion process.

In an effort to prevent a coalition crisis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delayed the vote on the bill by 6 months.