Psychiatrist Suspected of Handing Out Fraudulent Diagnoses to Haredis

The psychiatrist allegedly diagnosed yeshiva students with mental illness, allowing them to receive an insurance stipend.

A psychiatrist was recently arrested for alleged fraud when it was discovered that he fraudulently diagnosed dozens of yeshiva students with mental illness so that they could receive a stipend from the National Insurance Institute.

The diagnoses granted yeshiva students authorization to defraud the state from an estimated amount of millions of shekels. 

Last week, police arrested a man at the yeshiva, who served as a mediator referring the students to the psychatrist and then directed them to the National Insurance Institute with the proper authorizations. 

The psychiatrist was arrested on Sunday after returning from a vacation abroad. He exercised his right to remain silent during the investigation. Police suspect that the alleged fraud has been going on for two years.

Rishon Letzion Magistrates' Court judge Rafi Orania extended the man's remand by four days on the grounds that he had inspected the case materials and "I am sure that there is reasonable suspicion and even more than that, that the suspect is involved in the allegations attributed to him."