Prosecutors' Strike Nears End as Negotiations Reach Breakthrough

According to possible agreement with the finance ministry, state prosecutors would receive immediate pay rise of 12 percent.

The nationwide strike by government attorneys may end on Wednesday night after an apparent agreement over state prosecutors' salary and working conditions has been reached during intensive negotiations with the Finance Ministry.

According to the agreement still under negotiation, the prosecutors would receive an immediate pay rise of 12 percent. In regards to their demands for other expenses, the decision will be made within the next 30 days.

High Court of Justice
Emil Salman

The breakthrough in negotiations, which had been in deadlock for over 43 days, came after Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch harshly criticized the state for its conduct in regards to the state prosecutors strike.

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed to intervene to end the month-long prosecutors' strike if it did not show signs of ending.

The final details have yet to be finalized, yet the prosecutors are expected to accept the offer, which is four percent more than they were offered on Tuesday.

It is not yet certain whether or not the prosecutors will return to work as soon as Thursday.

The strike has caused hundreds of cases to be postponed, or else heard without prosecutors present, at all levels of the court system. As a result, several people suspected of serious offenses were already freed during the strike's 43 days.

The state prosecutors strike began in mid-November and organizers said it would continue until their demands - higher pay and better work conditions, particularly for high-level prosecutors - were met.

The committee of organizers behind the strike decided that prosecutors will appear only in cases involving the most serious allegations, including murder, attempted murder, arms production and trading, drug trafficking and sexual offenses.