Prosecution Denies Katsav's Request for Another Hearing

Katsav, who is serving a seven-year jail sentence, argues the court ruling that rejected his appeal raised legal questions contradicting earlier decisions.

The State Prosecutor's Office has denied a request by former President Moshe Katsav for yet another hearing before the Supreme Court.

Katsav, found guilty of rape and sexual assault and currently serving a seven-year jail sentence, argued that the court ruling that rejected his appeal raised legal questions that seem to contradict earlier decisions.

Moshe Katsav - Ilan Assayag
Ilan Assayag

The former president's attorneys also requested to present new evidence concerning one of the cases.

The Prosecutor's Office flatly rejected the relevance of the new evidence. Furthermore, it stated that there was no reason for an additional, third review of existing evidence.

Katsav hoped to submit new video footage proving that he was guarded closely by security agents at an event for Iranian immigrants, just before the rape incident he was involved in at the Textile House in Tel Aviv. Katsav asked to present a picture of his mother who was with him at the event.

The Prosecutor's Office said that the court had rejected his alibi concerning the Tel Aviv incident on the basis of various evidence, and noted that the District Court had already found that there had been "time windows" that evening, during which Katsav could commit the crime.

As for the photo of his mother, the prosecution insisted that it cannot constitute proof to the former president's claim that he took her home at exactly the time of the rape.