Pregnant Woman Stabbed to Death Over Spilled Coffee

Victim's neighbor in custody; woman's fetus delivered, in serious but stable condition.

Ashdod scene of stabbing
Ilan Assayag

A woman in her eighth month of pregnancy was murdered on Sunday in Ashdod after entering into an argument with her neighbor.

The Ashdod police have arrested the neighbor, a 38-year-old mother of two, who is suspected of having stabbed the victim to death after the latter had spilled coffee in her doorway.

The fetus was delivered in an emergency c-section operation, and is currently hospitalized in serious, but stable condition.

The police have reported that the suspect is cooperating with the investigation, and agreed to reenact the events.

The victim, a 34-year-old mother of three, was stabbed in every part of her body outside her home on Ashdod's Sinai Street. Following prolonged resuscitation efforts, the woman was transported to Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot where the medical staff pronounced her death.

Yossi Landau of Zaka said of the event "we saw a woman lying at the entrance of the building, on the sidewalk, bleeding from the neck and other parts of her body. Since she was pregnant, we gave her different care than we would otherwise. Everyone in the building was hysterical."

The hospital issued a statement explaining that the woman had arrived in critical condition with stab wounds all over her body. The team performed a c-section in the emergency room and the baby was taken to the premature births ward in serious condition.

The initial investigation into the incident revealed that the two women, the suspect and the victim, had an ongoing dispute. According to neighbors, the suspect had called the police Sunday morning to complain about the victim, but she was told that she could not file a complaint by phone, but rather had to arrive at the station. During a confrontation between the two later in the day, the victim had apparently spilled coffee in the stairwell and hurled trash at the suspect's door. The two then came down to the entrance of the building to confront each other, where the suspect had allegedly slit the victim's throat.

A woman living in the building said that the neighbors had successfully reconciled the two in the past. "The fight was over the coffee," she said. "The stabber said that her neighbor spilled the coffee on purpose. It is a terrible thing when a fight over coffee ends up in murder."

Another neighbor said that "we heard yelling and cursing. They started to push each other, causing a ruckus. When we got there, she was already critically hurt."