Police Vigilant Against Terror, Fireworks and Drunk Drivers

Extra police will be on duty at national parks, nature reserves and beaches; Magen David Adom ambulance service also deployed extensively.

The police presence will be beefed up for Wednesday's Memorial Day events around the country, with sappers, sniffer dogs and mounted police all pitching in.

The police say they are concerned as always about terror threats, but on Wednesday night they'll be watching out for drunk drivers, too, as Independence Day starts. Patrol cars will be stationed outside clubs.

The police will also seek to apprehend people who sell alcohol illegally or set off fireworks that don't conform to safety rules. Extra police will be on duty at national parks, nature reserves and beaches.

The Magen David Adom ambulance service has also deployed extensively; for example, at military cemeteries where people will be gathering for memorial ceremonies. MDA also is preparing to treat fireworks burns.

Meanwhile, the airports authority says it has made all necessary preparations to allow international flights to continue unimpeded despite tomorrow's traditional air force flyby. Some 34,000 travelers will pass through Ben-Gurion International Airport tomorrow, about half on outgoing flights. All told, 113 inbound and outbound flights are expected at Ben-Gurion tomorrow.

As for domestic flights, Israir and Arkia have both increased their flights to Eilat. Arkia deputy CEO for marketing, David Mahlev, said the company added 12 more flights to Eilat on Wednesday and Thursday to its usual daily 20. The high demand stemmed from the fact that Independence Day falls on a Thursday, making it a good start for a long weekend, Mahlev said.

Israir says it's flying to Eilat at 95-percent capacity.