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Hebrew Brothers Unite: How Do You Say 'Dude' in Israel?

Is being called a 'human' by an Israeli stranger a good thing? When is it inappropriate to call a girl 'my sister'? StreetWise Hebrew tackles the slang of friendship and casual informality.

How are the waves, 'gever?'
How are the waves, 'gever?' Dreamstime

You'll hear 'achi' ('brother') on the street all the time, but in which contexts should you use it? Can girls say it? Guy Sharett explains.

Words and expressions discussed:
Achi - אחי
Ach sheli - אח שלי
Achuya - אחויה
Gever - גבר
Ben adam - בן-אדם
Chaver - חבר
Achi, ma kore? - ?אחי, מה קורה
Ma nishma, ben adam? - ?מה נשמע, בן-אדם
Chaverim, ha'shulchan shelachem muchan - חברים,השולחן שלכם מוכן
Shalom, chaver - שלום,חבר
Chaver, ata chaser - חבר,אתה חסר
Chevre - חבר'ה
Chashvu az ha'chevre - חשבו אז החבר'ה
Ani im hachevre sheli ha'erev - אני עם החבר'ה שלי הערב
Chavera - חברה
Achoti - אחותי

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Arik Einstein - Dudu
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