Gimme Shelter The Promised Podcast

Ilene, Noah and special guest Miriam Herschlag discuss: Whether we have lost the moral high-ground; whether we can still plan for peace in our bomb shelters; and whether the social protests of three years ago had any effect.

Israeli soldiers from mobile artillery units talk at a position on the Israel-Gaza border, Friday, July 11, 2014. AP

Ilene, Noah and special guest, The Times of Israel's Miriam Herschlag, ask:

'We have met the enemy and he is us'
When a pack of Jewish teens lynches a Palestinian kid, is it time for soul-searching? Is there still a moral high-ground and do we occupy it?

Life interrupted: Can we plot peace from our bomb shelters?
The irony of Haaretz's Conference on Peace being interrupted by sirens escaped no one. But when the rockets are heard, must the peaceniks be silent?

Is social justice always subordinate to security?
Exactly three years after they started, did Israel's social protests of 2011, which culminated in a demonstration of almost half a million people, actually achieve anything?

All songs from the album 'Af Al Pil' – Yiddish poetry sung by cool young indie stars, including Shahar Barabash, Rona Keinan, Omer Klein and Alon Lotringer:

Ani Ve-Atzmi
HaYaar Ba-Stav
HaParpar ve-ha-Zahal