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PA Refrains From Suspending Israel Proximity Talks, Despite Israeli Raid on Gaza Flotilla

PA did however issue statement condemning Israel for the "massacre" and calling for the culprits to be put on trial for their "crime."

The Palestinian Authority leadership refrained Monday from suspending the upcoming proximity talks with Israel, despite the uproar overt the Israel Navy raid on the Gaza aid flotilla Monday, in which nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. envoy George Mitchell, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

The PA did however issue a statement condemning Israel for the "massacre" and calling for the culprits to be put on trial for their "crime."


Several demonstrations in protest of the Israeli commando operation in Ramallah and across the West Bank Monday, but they were dispersed quickly and peacefully.


The PA is planning to send a joint Fatah and PLO delegation to the Gaza Strip in a bid to accelerate the reconciliation with Hamas, and to support the effort to end the Israel's siege on the Gaza Strip.


The PA is also demanding the formation of an international committee to probe the events of the Israeli commando raid.


There were several security incidents Monday in Palestinian West Bank locations that are not under PA control.  At the Qalandiya checkpoint, a U.S. citizen was wounded after she was hit in eye by a teargas canister, and there were clashes minor clashes between Palestinians protesters and IDF troops near Beit Umar.


In the Gaza Strip, Hamas organized a large rally in support of the Gaza aid flotilla casualties, during which Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh demanded the international community intervene to end the Gaze siege.


Joradan and Egypt and Qatar also condemned the Israeli raid on the Gaza aid sea convoy.