Non-profit Head Allegedly Stole Millions From Organization He Managed

Moshe Reipes allegedly stole close to NIS 4 million from Karen Or, a non-profit benefiting blind children, where he worked for over 20 years.

A Tel Aviv court charged a non-profit manager with stealing millions of shekels from the organization he worked for over twenty years, which raised money to help blind children.

Moshe Reipes worked as the manager for the Karen Or non-profit organization from 1986 until 2006. The organization provides support for children who are blind as well as for children with other disabilities. They are financed by donations from abroad as well as money from the Welfare Ministry.

According to the indictment sheet, Reipes stole close to four million shekels during his time as manager of the non-profit. He allegedly wrote checks to different organizations that supposedly provided services to Karen Or. He would then cash the checks and take the money.

He also allegedly cashed checks written to Karen Or workers, who were unaware of what was happening. In order to hide his trail, Reipes allegedly created a non-existent non-profit.

Reipes is indicted for several criminal offenses, including stealing and fraud, registering a fake corporation, and breach of trust.