Netanyahu Urges MKs to Act to Stop Gaza Pullout

In first speech since his resignation, Netanyahu blasts gov't for withdrawing, creating terror base in Gaza.

In his first speech before the Knesset since resigning from the government Sunday to protest the disengagement, MK Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday launched a fierce attack against the government, urging lawmakers to join the struggle to thwart the disengagement plan.

"Only we in the Knesset are able to stop this evil," the former finance minister said. "Everything that the Knesset has decided, it is also capable of changing."

"I am calling on all those who grasp the danger: Gather strength and do the right thing. I don't know if the entire move can be stopped, but it still might be stopped in its initial stages," said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu called on the lawmakers not to "give [the Palestinians] guns, don't give them rockets, don't give them a sea port, and don't give them a huge base for terror."

Netanyahu said he had warned Prime Minister Ariel Sharon about the possibility of a terror base in Gaza, "but it didn't help. The government is advancing in total blindness. They have eyes but don't see. They have ears but don't hear."

"Twenty years ago I was ready to resign as the ambassador to the United Nations to protest the Jibril [prisoner exchange] deal and now I was ready to give up my post to protest a withdrawal which is immeasurably worse than the Jibril deal," said Netanyahu.

He also criticized the "very bad" deal with Egypt to deploy 750 border guards along the Philadelphi route between Israel and Gaza.