Netanyahu: Israel Not Ashamed of Asking for Foreign Aid to Put Out Carmel Fire

PM speaks at Haifa press conference as Carmel fire still rages, says Israel will soon purchase fleet of firefighting aircraft.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that Israel is not ashamed of receiving help when it is necessary, speaking of the many international firefighting aircraft that were sent to Israel in order to help tame the huge wildfire that was raging across the Carmel Mountains.

"No country can face such a thing alone, without cooperation. We live in a global world – we give and receive help, and it is not shameful," he said during a press conference in Haifa. "Israel is receiving extensive foreign aid. I spoke with 30 world leaders and their readiness to help is heartwarming."

Netanyahu said that in the next day he is expecting that Israel will double its firefighting force from ten to twenty aircraft – from France and Spain, and reminded the press of the world's largest firefighting plane which is due to arrive in Israel.

Netanyahu carmel fire

"This battle is ultimately determined by the wind and the weather," he added.

Netanyahu also announced his intention to purchase a fleet of firefighting aircraft, after Israel had great difficulty controlling the massive fire alone.

Netanyahu and the cabinet ministers will convene Sunday in Tirat Hacarmel for a special cabinet meeting regarding firefighting efforts of the Carmel fire, and regarding efforts to rehabilitate the towns in the Carmel region.

One of the main subjects for discussion during the meeting will be the compensation which will be given to those harmed by the fire. Netanyahu will also discuss his initiative to purchase the fleet of firefighting aircraft which he mentioned in the Haifa press conference on Saturday.