Nazareth Man Gets 19 Years in Prison Over Murdering Wife's Lover

Abdul Kader Safadi, who stabbed lawyer Manhal Fahoum 10 times, told the court his actions were uncontrollable.

The Nazareth District Court on Thursday sentenced a man to 19 years in prison for killing his wife's lover.

Nazareth resident Abdul Kader Safadi
Tomer Neuberg

49-year-old Abdul Kader Safadi from Nazareth, a private business owner, was convicted of murdering lawyer Manhal Fahoum, 31, by stabbing him repeatedly.

The incident occurred in 2000, when Safadi arrived at night at Fahoum's home in Nazareth Illit after he discovered his wife was there. He broke in through the kitchen window, holding a 16 centimeters-long knife, and ascended to the second floor where he found Fahoum in the bedroom with his wife. He stabbed Fahoum 10 times in front of his wife, and then fled the scene. Fahoum died on the way to the hospital.

"The murder of Fahoum by the defendant was premeditated. Safadi decided to murder Fahoum in cold blood," the indictment read.

According to the indictment, in the year before the incident, Safadi's wife developed an affair with the lawyer. Safadi's wife asked Safadi for a divorce and requested he leave the house, though Safadi told her he isn't willing to give her up.

During the court proceedings, the defendant expressed regret over the incident, and said that his actions were uncontrollable.

The court sentenced Safadi to 19 years imprisonment, and 100 thousand shekels in reparations paid to the mother and two brothers of the deceased.