Mother, Grandfather of 4-year-old Rose Pizem Jailed for Life for Her Murder

Marie-Charlotte Renault, Rose's mother, was found guilty of soliciting Rose's murder in 2008 while Ronny Ron, father of her ex-husband, was convicted of first-degree murder.

Ronny Ron and Marie-Charlotte Renault were sentenced to life in prison on Monday for the murder of Renault's daughter Rose.

Ron, the father of Renault's ex-husband and her former lover, was convicted of premeditated murder, while Renault was found guilty of soliciting the murder.

Ronny Ron and Marie Charlotte Renault, 2009.
Nir Keidar

Judges in the Petah Tikva District Dourt ruled that new evidence revealed by Ron's lawyer was not sufficient to change the verdict in his favor.

Neither Pizem nor Ron had any comment about their sentences.

Last month, Ron and Renault were found guilty of murdering four-year-old Rose Pizem, whose body was found in September 2008 in the Yarkon River.

Ronny Ron's son, Benjamin Pizem, fathered Rose in 2004 with Renault in Paris, and he and his then-partner traveled to Israel when their daughter was one-year-old. This was the first time Pizem met his father and the first encounter Renault had with Ron as well.

The three spent several months in Israel. At the end, Renault told Pizem that she would not return to France with him, because she had fallen in love with Ron.

Although Pizem initially took Rose back with him to France, he had trouble raising her, periodically handing her over to the welfare authorities. After a lengthy custody battle Rose moved in with Renault and Ron, but due to the neglect and abuse she had endured, suffered from language and behavioral problems. She would often bang her head against the wall and was not toilet trained.

Ron confessed to the murder shortly after it happened in 2009, leading police to the spot in Tel Aviv where he said he tossed the body into the river.

Ron made his confessions during a taped reconstruction of Rose's murder, which was played earlier this year at the Petah Tikva District Court.

Authorities say Ron killed the girl in a fit of rage, stuffed her body into a suitcase and threw it into the Tel Aviv river, where it was recovered.