Minibus Driver Who Crashed Into a Train Killing 7: I'm a Safe Driver

7 members of same family, who were on their way to a moshav in the south to celebrate the coming Sabbath, were killed in the accident.

The minibus driver who crashed into a train last week, killing seven members of the same family, reenacted the accident for police on Sunday.

Aryeh and Rivki Bernstein and four of their children: their pregnant daughter Mali Gotstein, and Yohanan, Chaya and Moti Bernstein were among those killed last Thursday as the minibus they were in was hit by a train near Kibbutz Gat in the south. Also killed was Mali Gotstein's infant son, Mordechai Aharon.

Minibus driver Yashar Yeshurun
Ilan Asayag

The family was en route to Moshav Komemiyut, an ultra-Orthodox moshav where the family planned to celebrate the coming Sabbath.

The driver of the minibus, Yashar Yeshurun, survived the crash. He arrived at the scene of the accident in a police car  on Sunday, and appeared to have been crying.

"I am usually a safe driver. I don't know what happened," Yeshurun said. "I was speaking with my friend and glanced to the side and saw myself on the railroad track."

Ina Beder was the lookout on duty at the railroad crossing when the accident occurred, and she also attended the reenactment. She did not have enough time to alert the train operator that the minibus had broken through the gate and stopped on the tracks before the accident occurred. Beder burst into tears at the reenactment, when the police simulated the minibus getting close to the railroad track.

The reenactment lasted for an hour, with Yeshurun describing details of the accident. He then returned to his prison cell.

On Friday, thousands attended the funeral of the family members killed in the accident.
"Just last week we cried together over the destruction of Jerusalem and now we are crying over another destruction the kind of which Jerusalem sages cannot recall," said Rabbi Yohanan Bernstein, a relative of the family, at the ceremony.