Meat and Hummus Sales Soar on Independence Day

This year too Israelis lived up to their reputation as a nation of outdoor grilling aficionados.

This year too the Israeli populace maintained its reputation as aficionados of outdoor grilling. The companies that sell the relevant Independence Day products say sales soared this year.

The Adom Adom company has told TheMarker that in the week of Independence Day sales of fresh meat were double the amount sold in an ordinary week, and an increase of 30 percent over Independence Day last year.

"Last week we sold about 120 tons of fresh meat suitable for grilling outdoors - entrecote, sirloin and filet. There was also an increase of about 150 percent in demand for premium meat [other cuts] as well as a sharp increase in demand for ground meat [for making kebabs]," the Adom Adom CEO said.

"We saw an increase of two and half times the sales of frozen grill products [hamburgers, kebabs, meat patties etc.], which came to about 150 tons in the two weeks prior to the holiday, and of 50 percent in sausage sales, which stood at about 300 tons. In addition, in TevaOf [poultry products] we saw an increase of 50 percent. Altogether this amounts to an increase of about 10 percent as compared to last year," says Daniel Shabtai, marketing vice president at the Soglowek group.

Israelis did not satisfy themselves with meat alone, and Humus and salad sales also rose considerably. On Monday, the eve of the holiday, the Tzabar company sold 200 tons of salads, as compared to 150 tons last year. One hundred tons of the salads sold that day were hummus, according to Tzabar CEO Nili Zur.

She says the most popular product was one-kilo containers of hummus, with 50 tons of sales on the day before the holiday.

At the Miki Delicatessen company the most popular product was reduced fat hummus. In total, Miki Delicatessen sales of salads and humus increased before the holiday by 25 percent as compared to last year, and amounted to 400 tons (including the institutional market).

Hogla-Kimberly Ltd., manufacturer of the Nikol brand, reported an increase in sales of hosting products. Thus, disposable napkins and tablecloths sales rose by 15 percent relative to last year, disposable trays and pans sales rose by 20 percent, aluminum foil and sandwich bag sales rose by 40 percent and garbage bag sales rose by 35 percent.

The marketing chains also enjoyed increased sales. Rami Levy reported a 20 percent increase in sales at Rami Levi Shivuk Hashikma branches relative to the Independence Day holiday last year. According to the chain, which ran a special sale of a package of kebab for NIS 1, during the special about 85,000 units of kebab for NIS 1 were sold.